Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Child's play: Or how a grown man plays with LEGO

Since I started my professional education by building a LEGO robot and learn the fundamentals of programming, I thought let's reflect what we have learned over the last three years and build a robot again. But this time it should do a heck of a lot more.
The ultimate goal here is to build a moving robot which processes its connected sensor's data and sends it to a mobile device via bluetooth. The device should be an android powered phone which should provide additional sensory data but more important should stream the current video cam data to a webserver via Wi-Fi. By using Wi-Fi and socket communication I hope to keep the latency to a minimum. If everything works out fine I should be able to control the robot via a browser.
Let's see how we get there... :)

Here is a first prototype of a crawling bot which tries to avoid obstacles when they are in ultrasonic range. I don't know if I keep that design because a bot on wheels will be a lot faster...mwuahahah

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