Saturday, December 4, 2010

Console Bot

I managed to set up the socket communication pretty quickly. The android device serves as a host so that I had to implement the ServerSocket part there. A simple console application was implemented as a socket client. I integrated the whole socket communication part into the remote app from yesterday. So now the bot can be controlled via the onscreen buttons of the android device and via a simple console application. Some basic groundwork is done now. The next step is to set up the server, design some simple ajax direction buttons and integrate the SocketConnector I wrote for the console application. I think the hardest part later on will be to handle the video stream. If I move on that quickly, I might just get the whole thing done by end of December.

I apologize for the bad video quality, but I wanted to keep the files small as I don't have unlimited storage space on that blog. Hope you can still see what I described.

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