Sunday, December 5, 2010

Web Bot

Legen...wait for it....daaary. I already set up my web application to control the bot. I still need to make some adjustments like making ajax requests instead of loading the whole page again, but I already got the communication going between the browser and the bot. What I did was deploying a JSF webapp on my local JBoss server which integrated my SocketConnector from yesterday as a managed bean. So at the press of each button I send a message via socket to my android device which sends a command via bluetooth to the LEGO bot. This may sound like overhead but I want to use the advantage of a longer range of my WiFi network to control the bot through the whole house. If my server would control the bot directly via bluetooth the connection to my bot would break after a few meters. In the example video you can see that I control the bot simultaneously by browser and by android device. I will need the next days for some refactorings and for the next big task of streaming video from the device to the server and displaying it to the user. I'm pretty excited...

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