Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ArduinoWorm on Hackvision

A week ago my Hackvision Kit arrived and as nootropicdesign promised on their site it really took less than an hour to assemble the board and start right off with the preloaded examples.

The board is an Arduino derivative which provides audio output and video output in PAL and NTSC. The graphics are drawn in black and white which really brings out the retro factor.

The board itself is designed like a typical controller and has onboard buttons which are used as a primary input. Additionally you have the possibility to connect a Wii Nunchuck adapter or self built paddles.

As I already mentioned the board comes with the preloaded all time favorite games "Space Invaders" and "Pong". There are additional games provided by other developers such as "Asteroids".

After enjoying the retro games for a while I decided to do my fair share of "game development". I implemented a game which was featured on millions of feature phones. I called it "Arduino Worm" to not get in trouble with the copyright ;). The principle of the game is simple. You have defined area in which balls are put at random locations. You control a worm eager to fetch those balls. There are two restrictions. The worm can not touch the area frame and it can not bite its own tail. If it does, you will see the two saddest words in gaming.

It is nothing fancy and there are still plenty of possibilities for improvement but I enjoyed programming an all time favorite game.

Here is a small video of the game in action:

You can find the source code on github. Feel free to modify, extend or improve the code.

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