Monday, October 17, 2011

GDD11 ADK Challenge / Beginning Android ADK with Arduino

It has been awfully quiet over the last months on this blog and I felt that I should give you guys an update why this is the case. It's not because of missing ideas because I still have plenty of them and a lot of hardware which I want to make use of is lying around catching dust. The reasons why I hadn't the time to post new projects on this blog are very good and positive ones, at least for me they are.

The first reason is that I am one of the finalists of the Google Developer Day ADK Challenge which took place some months ago. The object of the challenge was to create an Android accessory project based on the Android ADK. My submission was a working prototype of a paper piano which worked on the principle of capacitive touch. The touch of a piano key is sensed by an ADK compatible hardware board and propagated to a connected Android device which is Open Accessory compatible. The Android device then plays the according note of that piano key. My project submission was accepted and now I'll have to build a bigger version of my prototype. The final results of that challenge will be presented at the Google Developer Days all around the world. My submission was for the Berlin based German GDD which is held on November 19th. So if you are one of the lucky ones who got tickets for the event make sure to come by at the GTUG showcasing area and say HI. If you are interested in a short preview you can see a video of the prototype here. The final version will be presented at the GDD but I will write a post about the project and my impressions of the event afterwards.

The second reason for my absence in this blog is that some weeks ago the IT book publisher Apress contacted me to ask if I would be willing to put my Android and Arduino knowledge and my passion for tinkering into a book to help others get excited about the possibilities of the Android Accessory Development Kit (ADK). I guess you can already imagine that I agreed and I am happy to tell you that I am already hard at work to write a book that will get others as passionate as I am about the Android ADK. You will learn what the ADK is and how to create exciting projects with it. The book is already listed at Amazon, so make sure to follow its progress until it is released in march 2012.

I would never had those opportunities if it weren't for you the readers of this blog and my friends, family and colleagues which encouraged me to write about my projects and experiments. The feedback I received through my blog gave me the motivation to commit to such large projects which consume most of my free time over the next months. So a big thank you to all of you. I'll try to keep you posted about the progress and I can't wait to share new exciting projects with you in the future.

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