Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ThingiBrowse for Android

Some days ago, I released the Android version of ThingiBrowse. I first released ThingiBrowse for windows phone as part of a Nokia app promotion program. But since my real passion is Android, I immediately started to develop the Android version of my Thingiverse browsing app. You don't have to fear that this is a terrible try to port an app across platforms. ThingiBrowse for Android was designed from ground up with Android development guidelines in mind and by using the typical Android platform behaviour and look and feel. I don't claim to have followed all the principles in the guidelines, but I tried to incorporate as much as I could in the timeframe.

ThingiBrowse may seem a bit slow when you are browsing on your mobile network, because Thingiverse doesn't provide an API for browsing purposes yet, so I have to parse the web data which is a rather slow approach. Nevertheless, the user experience in my opinion is still pretty good and I personally love to browse the Thingiverse where ever I go.

ThingiBrowse for Android is optimized for phones, tablets and GoogleTV.

Feature Set:
  • browse through the "New Things" section on Thingiverse
  • browse through the "Popular Things" section on Thingiverse
  • check out Thing details (File downloads not supported, yet)
  • view Thing images in the gallery
  • optimized for phones, tablets and GoogleTV
  • language support for english and german

ThingiBrowse can be downloaded in the Google Play Store:

Available on Google Play

ThingiBrowse is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Mario Böhmer.

You may obtain a copy of the License at

You can find the project source at

Keep in mind that the ThingiBrowse app and myself are in no way affiliated with Thingiverse or MakerBot® Industries, so problems with the app should be reported to me at I also have no control over the content which is displayed in ThingiBrowse because I simply display what the web version of Thingiverse delivers. 

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