Friday, June 8, 2012

Heartbeat Rev. 2

Last Christmas I took part in the Fritzing Fritzmas Challenge and won a special follow up price being the PCB fabrication of my Heartbeat project. The fabricated boards looked really great as you can see below.

They have a unique white finish which makes them look far nicer than the more common colored PCBs.

After I soldered in the required parts for the project I was a bit startled. Unfortunately I made a mistake when I redid the design for fabrication back then. One of the transistors was wired in the wrong way. So instead of an alternating smooth LED pulse I only saw one LED lighting up constantly.

Then, some weeks ago I visited the Fritzing team at IxDS in Berlin and met André and Stefan to give them a copy of my book as a sign of appreciation because without Fritzing the book would not have those great project graphics. André remembered my Heartbeat board from the challenge and gave me the great advice to design a custom heart shaped PCB for a new version of the board. I didn't know about it before but Fritzing Fab can also fabricate PCBs in custom shapes. So if you ever wanted to design a very special shaped PCB, give it a try.

So now I decided to design the Heartbeat Rev. 2 board in a custom heart shape.

The PCB is in fabrication right now and I can't wait to see the result. Once I verify that the board works great, I will publish the design files and if any of you is interested I might even develop a kit for you to build the Heartbeat project yourself.

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